Nikolas Ivan Devine Steckley

Holding Space

Therapeutic Immersion

“I can do nothing for you but work on can do nothing for me but work on yourself!”
-Ram Dass

Nik is training to hold space for your inner journeys and sacred ceremonies. This includes guidance on setting up your ceremony, someone to watch over you while you are in ceremony as well as to facilate preselected activities, and someone with whom to reveiw and integrate your ceremony in the days and weeks that follow.

“We are sneaking psychedelics back into our society through research like the MDMA research that's going on, through the research for the use of marijuana for pain, through research with the dying [with psilocybin], and ultimately we will do the same kind of stuff about alcoholism, about prison rehabilitation, so on. I mean, its obvious that psychedelics, properly used, have a behavior-change psychotherapeutic value. But from my point of view, that is all underusing the vehicle. The potential of the vehicle is sacramentally to take you out of the cultural constructs which you are part of a conspiracy in maintaining. And giving you a chance to experience once again your innocence.”
-Ram Dass